After a banner year for League of Legends with the game generating a revenue of 1.75 billion dollars alone, Riot Games is looking to compete with their mobile counterparts. The mobile version of League of Legends, Wild Rift, will be getting its own esports calendar this year. It is not as bombastic a start as their previous esports release, Valorant, but they are certainly positioning themselves as a competitor to titles like PUBG Mobile or Arena of Valor.

According to a recent report from SuperData,  League of Legends was the highest earning, non-mobile free to play title over the last year and the sixth highest-earning free to play title overall. The highest earning free to play titles were all on mobile. Tencent’s Honor of Kings and Peacekeeper Elite were unsurprisingly at the top of the list. They brought in $2.45 and $2.32 billion respectively. Clearly Riot Games has seen the potential that mobile versions of their popular MOBA have and want a slice of the pie.

Initial esports plans

Riot Games have plans to introduce Wild Rift esports events in Southeast Asia, to begin with, and to follow up those smaller tournaments with larger events in the region and eventually globally. A post on the lol esports website outlines their initial plans for the esport.

“In Southeast Asia, the season will kick off with several smaller, intermittent competitive events through March. In April, teams will transition to eight, location-specific tournament circuits where they will