Though the core game mechanics will stay the same, each PUBG match will be different from the other. The key to winning in PUBG will be focusing on the aspects of the game that you have control over. By knowing your strong sides as a player and how useful each item is in PUBG, you’ll be increasing your odds of getting the chicken dinner.

All PUBG players have that one loadout that they try to get their hands on every game. But depending on where you land, you may not be fortunate enough to have your dream guns at your disposal. When that’s the case, you’ll still need a way to weigh your options, and having an idea of which guns are the best in their respective categories will help you make decisions faster.

Shotguns and assault rifles have out-shadowed submachine guns (SMGs), but they made a comeback for good during season four since their damage multipliers for limbs and torso were buffed. SMGs are relatively easy to come by during the early game due to their higher drop rates, and they’ll be your key to winning close-quarter skirmishes during the early game.

Here are the best SMGs in PUBG.


Screengrab via PUBG Corp.

If you were to compare SMGs based on how much damage each bullet deals, you’d immediately disregard