Cloudbet has been a prominent operator in the crypto iGaming, sports and esports betting space. The website was launched as an attempt to pioneer and introduce cryptocurrencies into the regular gaming and sports betting sequence and it has been a success. To consolidate its footprint, Cloudbet has been among the first to adopt stablecoins giving mainstream consumers a way to understand cryptocurrencies without necessarily venturing out into uncharted blockchain territories.

The company has been largely responsible for the successful adoption of stable coins into the mainstream and has shown a middle-ground for consumers. Cloudbet has released a number of “zero-margin” promotions to incentivize sports bettors and has added numerous tokens, including PAX and DAI most recently.

Another interesting thing about Cloudbet has been its focus on transparency, not just in the way it runs its affairs, but often releasing sensitive data that allows readers and perhaps even competitors to garner an insight into how the platform works. In 2020, Cloudbet has posted numerous partnerships and strategic alliances. We had the opportunity to talk to the Cloudbet team and kick off 2021 with a good recap of what the company has achieved over the years and what its future plans are.

Q: Cloudbet has been in the market for over 7 years now. How has the project evolved from your standpoint over the years? Does it feel like your concept is more settled/focused now or are you still finding your place?

A: In the beginning, we began as a kind of cryptocurrency