Kick back and watch the best of zero-gravity esports action this weekend during the Echo Arena Quest 2 Rookie Cup and the Dunks & Half-Court Invitational. While they’re very different types of events, both indicate significant growth of the VR esports ecosystem overall so viewers can take their pick or tune in on both days for the best competitions in zero-gravity.

Quest 2 Rookie Cup

Echo VR is offered as a free download from Oculus and in recognition of the Quest 2 release last month, Echo community members have organized a Rookie Cup where veteran coaches pair up with some of the rookies who began playing after September 1.

Events such as this create a welcoming environment, encourage interaction between veteran and rookie players, and promote engagement in the community overall. Some players simply want to make friends and others want to experience competitive play so they can decide if they might want to participate in the pro league.

Echo Arena is featured in various VR esports events and it’s a popular choice for leagues such as the Collegiate VR Esports League (CVRE), but the largest VR esports pro league to feature Echo Arena is the VR Master League (VRML), a community-driven platform that features the most competitive VR games on the market.

VR Master League casters have teamed up with organizers of the rookie event to provide coverage for the event. These guys put on a