Over the last decade, the eSports industry as a whole has taken a large step forward. We have seen more money come into the industry, a far bigger audience watching, and ultimately more people playing the games themselves.

There are many factors for this, but one of them has been the relationship between eSports and betting, which has allowed the industry to reach a large number of people it normally wouldn’t have.

With sites such as Twitch streaming competitions, the industry was pretty closed, and tough to access for those who didn’t have much gaming knowledge. Now things have changed.

Betting Opens Up a New Door for eSports

With betting available on a wide range of eSports battles and competitions, a new door has been opened for the industry. Now we are at a stage where eSports fans could come from a background that doesn’t include gaming.

In the past, the vast majority of eSports fans, if not all of them, were gamers, now that is no longer the case. It is possible to be a fan of a sport because you bet on it, something like horse racing would be a perfect example of that, there are very very few horse racing fans who don’t have a bet.

The betting websites which offer eSports gaming odds in