Singapore-based esports talent management agency, EMERGE Esports, has launched an offline campaign prior to its official launch in Singapore. Through the campaign, the agency hoped to spark conversation and raise awareness on the true value of dreams and passion, which is often sidelined in the pursuit of what is seen as more practical endeavours. 

Titled “EMERGE Against All Odds”, the agency drew inspiration from the karung guni (or rag-and-bone) man and sent out ambassadors posed as “dream collectors” in both residential and commercial areas in Singapore. These “dream collectors” engaged passers-by and encouraged them to exchange their unused dreams or life goals for SG$2. The dreams that were written down were then immediately disposed of into a trash bag, to invoke a reaction from passers-by.

The campaign created a wave of reaction from the participants. While some were thrilled to be getting an extra buck, others were taken aback by their dreams being literally discarded. The campaign also drew bemused response from passers-by and eventually gained traction online. 

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According to EMERGE Esports, the campaign aimed to raise awareness on how people have discarded their dreams in the pursuit of a conventional career path and financial stability, often choosing to build someone else’s dream rather than their own. The offline campaign was supported by thought-provoking signboards to actuate the key messaging.

Aside from street activations, EMERGE Esports is amplifying its launch campaign by hosting social media giveaways as