CS:GO DFS Playbook Nine to Five 6 (4-Match Slate)

Espada (Ranked 32nd in World) @ Nexus (Ranked 40th in World):

Betting Odds: Espada -330/Nexus +225

Map Odds: N/A

*This is the Swiss Round 2 (teams with a 1-0 Record)

*Espada is fresh off a win in their most recent match and have won four of their last five matches with their only loss coming to Gambit two matches ago. Nexus have won three of their last five matches and two of their last three. They lost both matches played against SKADE in that 5-match span. (*Note – Nexus playing with stand-in mhN1 instead of ragga)

*For the Event for Espada: degster 1.50 Rating, Dima 1.23 Rating, Patsi 1.13 Rating, FinigaN 0.88 Rating, s0tF1k 0.87 Rating.

*For the Event for Nexus: iM 1.17 Rating, XELLOW 1.15 Rating, SMINTE 1.00 Rating, BTN 0.94 Rating, mhN1 0.92 Rating.

*Over the Last Month of Play for Espada (38 Maps): degster 1.32 Rating, Dima 1.17 Rating, Patsi 1.08 rating, FinigaN 1.02 Rating, S0tf1K 0.94 Rating.

*Over the Last Month of Play for Nexus (46 Maps): iM 1.20 Rating, XELLOW 1.12 Rating, SEMINTE 0.98 Rating, BTN 0.86 Rating.

*These two have no prior head-to-head history for recent play.


*The first two ban maps for this match include Vertigo and Nuke. Both teams have chosen Mirage as a first map choice lately, so we can likely write that one in. The secondary maps for these two include Dust2 and Train. I truly think this depends on who gets the first map choice, but I