The BLAST Premier is strengthening their integrity for online matches after 37 coaches were sanctioned on the CS:GO pro scene. The two new regulations will address the spectator bug scandal and provide an increased level of accountability for the coaching staff of the pro teams.

New Rules

BLAST’s esports operations manager, Robert Mulgan, posted a tweet outlining the two new rules that will be in effect for all future online matches.

  1. Coaches are required to stream their POV into their discord channel provided during all matches.
  2. Coaches are required to have MOss running during all matches. Within 30 minutes of the completion of their matches, Coaches must upload their file to the GDrive provided.

MOss is an anti-cheat software developed in 2010 by Nohope92. It will constantly monitor the coach’s PC and will take random screenshots throughout the match. This software has never been used in the professional scene until now and it will work alongside the POV stream to make sure that they are not taking advantage of any bugs or glitches.