Does Europe dominate the iGaming industry?

With technology changing and evolving so rapidly, there’s always a new market — and buzz words to go along with it — that gets the community around the world talking. Recently, that market has been the iGaming industry.

If you’ve not heard of it before, iGaming is an umbrella term that expands over all forms of online gambling. Mostly associated with online casino games and digital poker rooms, iGaming also covers esports betting, online slots games, online sports betting, cryptocurrencies, fantasy sports and binary trading.

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Comprised of many different businesses, from game designers to platform providers and affiliates, it’s one of the most exciting and quickly growing industries out there. Which means that companies, brands, entrepreneurs and career seekers all want to get involved.

The history of iGaming

iGaming, at its core, is the result of the digital realm’s influence on casinos and gaming, more generally. The history of iGaming is rooted in a history of gambling and betting, which of course goes back for centuries.

It seems that