Newcomers to Ready At Dawn’s popular zero-gravity virtual reality game Echo Arena have an opportunity to join up with other rookies and a veteran coach to compete for glory and prizes in the Quest 2 Rookie Cup on November 21. If you’re interested in becoming involved in the rapidly growing field of VR esports, this is a great opportunity to experience the competitive side of VR gaming.

Echo Arena is a fantastic example of the future of competitive gaming. While skill is definitely necessary for traditional esports, VR esports adds physicality since VR gamers also use their bodies to move in game. Echo Arena is a particularly great example of this since players duck, dodge, jump, and use quick reflexes to move in the virtual arena that many compare to Ender’s Game, a movie based on the 1985 science fiction novel by Orson Scott Card.

Movement while gaming is a welcome evolution that helps reduce the negative impression of gamers as “couch potatoes.” With the addition of wireless headsets such as the Oculus Quest that launched last year and the Oculus Quest 2, which was released on October 13, increasing numbers of people are discovering the joy of virtual reality and VR esports.

After Echo Arena went into open beta on the Oculus Quest in May, thousands of players joined the playerbase and many of those are interested in esports. That same month there was a Source…