Call of Duty Mobile Season 11 update has introduced some new components in the game. The arsenal, the Club and the brand new BR map, Alcatraz, have all been added in this update. In addition, data miners have found more information in the game files. These new leaks give out information on what will come later this month.

Mythical weapons had featured in leaks prior to the start of the season. The arsenal leak earlier last week revealed the Fennec-Ascended, which is expected to release in the game soon. Today we got our first lucky draw in the game in the Anniversary Season. The HVK Maximum Security is the new legendary weapon in the game.

The new leaks suggest that there will be future draws with Mythic Cards. These cards will have to be collected to upgrade a mythic weapon to the highest level. Also, the progression for the upgrade for each weapon can be done in Arsenal. These leaks are courtesy of @Murdablast.