Gaming enthusiasts always look forward to upcoming esports competitions and tournaments. In 2019, there were several esports events hosted in various parts of the world. Esports lovers were entertained almost every weekend with exciting events and competitions. 

It is not out of place for gamers to anticipate esports events. If you are gaming enthusiasts who love watching esports tournaments, you should note these upcoming events and prepare to attend or view them through the internet.  
Some of the most anticipated esports events include the followings: 

The International 
It is one of the most popular esports competitions in the world today. The event is organized annually as the world championship for DOTA 2. The game usually attracts a large number of gamers worldwide.  
The winner of last year’s event went home with $15 million from a total prize pool of $34 million. The
incredible number of viewership can also be attributed to the massive prize pool.
Valve Corporation is the organizer of the event and also doubles as the game developer.

Fortnite World Cup 
There is no doubt that Fortnite is recognized globally, and it is also one of the most popular games in the world for Esports betting. And its tournament is one of the most anticipated among the esports fans.  In terms of the prize pool, the 2019 Fortnite World Cup was the biggest with a whopping sum of $100 million.  
Epic Games, an outstanding game developer, organized the event. The team that participated in the