The 2020 League of Legends World Championship is just about halfway in the books with the play-in and group stages completely wrapped up. Now, with just eight teams left in the field of contenders, the focus of the tournament shifts to the knockout round, where the top-placing teams from the group stage will compete in the final leg of the tournament. 

Each team represented among the top eight was carried to its current standing by exceptional performances from some of the most talented players in the world. With 80 players altogether competing at the tournament’s main event, it’s only natural for some to stand out above others. 

Here are the top performers from each position at the Worlds 2020 group stage.

Top Lane: Nuguri, DAMWON Gaming

Photo via Riot Games

Coming into this year’s World Championship, there was absolutely no doubt that Nuguri had the potential to lead DWG to new heights. And after a near-perfect run to the quarterfinals, the All-LCK top laner and summer playoffs MVP did exactly that, dominating each and every one of his opponents at every stage of a given game. 

From his proven abilities as a strong laner to his performances as one of, if not, the best teamfighting top laner at the World Championship, Nuguri put DWG on his back throughout the entirety of the group stage. Additionally, with successful performances on surprise, off-meta picks like Kennen and Lulu, Nuguri showcased the innovation and creativity that carried him and DWG to Worlds in the