Albert S. September 18, 2020

The online casino industry is one of the biggest gaming industries in the world. Whether it’s live poker, table games or slots such as the popular Ariana slots, the online casino industry is continuously growing. As more people become aware of online tournaments, they can often find themselves absorbed in the highly competitive world of esports. 

By 2018, there were 25.7 million esports viewers in the United States alone. It’s expected to grow to a staggering 46 million by 2023, which is 15.5% of internet users. What draws these big audiences to esports isn’t only the intense competition and skill — it’s the major tournaments and mind-blowing prize pools. 

Last year’s Dota 2 International had a $34 million prize pool, beating 2018’s $30 million record. Over $15.6 million of that amount went to the winners, OG. This was made possible thanks to Dota 2 Battle Passes, meaning fans helped create such an epic prize pool. Valve set aside $1.6 million themselves. 

Epic Games, on the other hand, contributed $100 million to the future of Fortnite’s esports scene. The inaugural Fortnite World Cup had a $30 million prize pool. The Solo Finals winner, Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf, won $3 million of that, making him a millionaire overnight. It was one of the largest wins for a single person in both esports and sports. 

The growth of the esports industry’s tournament scene has been altered by recent world events. While organizations have adapted to online