New Jersey has long been leading the way in terms of online gambling. You only have to look at the swift introduction of sports betting in 2018 to understand New Jersey’s approach to gambling in general and their openness to offering legal betting options in the state. When in New Jersey, you will find legal sportsbooks at both casinos and racetracks, in addition to mobile apps.

However, what about the prospect of esports and esports betting in New Jersey? Does the state need to introduce esports betting and if so, is it close to happening?

You only have to look at the recent COVID-19 situation to understand the important role esports has been playing throughout the world. While the majority of live professional sporting events were cancelled or postponed, it was still possible to enjoy watching the best esports players in action online. Thankfully, at the time of writing, we are back in a position to enjoy watching live sport such as the NBA and the NFL. However, with coronavirus still in the community, there remains a chance we could see the postponement of major sporting events again at any time.

So, esports is a vital source of entertainment and income for any state in the US willing to embrace the industry. You only have to look at the recent pandemic to find evidence of esports teams from New Jersey participating in big events. The Stockton Rocket League esports team from Stockton University took advantage