Esports Gamer and a Large Stadium and Money Image

Esports betting and sports gambling have blended together in recent years. Traditional sports and esports lines are now featured at many of the same sites.

Esports viewership has also shot up tremendously within the past few years. Now, hundreds of millions of people worldwide watch competitive gaming.

Taking everything into account, esports gambling seems like it may catch up to sports betting someday. However, it may never truly catch up in terms of betting volume or popularity for the following reasons.

1 – Esports Betting Isn’t Popular Everywhere

The competitive gaming industry has seen accelerated growth within the last several years. This esports boom doesn’t show any signs of slowing down anytime soon either.

According to a Newzoo report, the annual growth rate of esports viewers is expected to increase by 14% until 2021. If this forecast comes to fruition, the audience will grow to 250 million regular viewers and 307 casual viewers (557 million total).

However, most of this viewership is based in Asia, most notably China. The majority of the world doesn’t watch competitive gaming on a regular or casual basis.

Esportsbooks will continue gaining popularity in Asia over the next few years. But the industry won’t ever reach the heights of traditional sports betting until the world embraces gaming.

2 – Some Bookmakers Only Offer Lines on Major Events