This is a guest contribution by Ron Mendelson, CEO of Fast Offshore. Ron has 22+ years’ experience in corporate online gaming services and licensing, offshore banking and International Business.

How-to-start-your-eSports-company-From-Zero-to-OperationalOver the last few years, the eSports industry has been growing gradually, making a shift from the underground to the mainstream. Now, we know that it has become one of the most in-demand sports of the year. Of course, when the stakes are high on the outcome of events, gambling inevitably becomes a part of the industry.

As we saw conventional sports taking a nosedive this year due to the current situation, eSports moved to fill the gap. More and more people started betting on the outcome of eSports tournaments or in-game events. The pandemic was something of a catalyst to the success of this once niche industry.

If you want to get involved in this dynamic and rapidly evolving market, now is a great time to consider setting up an eSports company.

Create a business plan

Before you rush into opening an eSports company, you need to do some research, particularly if you are not overly familiar with eSports.

A great place to start is by looking at competitors and what they are offering. Look at some of the global betting brands that offer eSports betting, as well as smaller, niche providers. The aim is to identify what the market has, and what is needed. You