E-what?? That’s right, eSports. Students are finding the most incredible opportunities through eSports programs at their schools. This school year, over $20m in college scholarships will be given out to high school eSports athletes. There are over 200,000 great careers in the esports industry in the USA alone. And this is the most inclusive sport in any school-wide open to any student!

So what is eSports all about? Yes, it’s what you might think—kids playing games competitively. They’re sitting in front of a monitor crashing the keyboard or working the controller. Their eyes, hardly ever blinking, are concentrating on the quick gameplay. Their hands are sweaty from their speedy movements and their reaction time is as fast as Usain Bolt’s next stride. Their minds are rapidly building and changing strategies. They are leading the team or taking commands. These kids are just as bit engaged in their sport as any football player is in theirs. This is their world. They are athletes competing to learn as a team and be the best they can be! And they want to win!

The typical high school football player is a young man who is generally a very athletic person. The typical soccer player is fast and nimble. The typical eSports player? Well, that’s a trick question. eSports is the most inclusive team sport in any school anywhere. eSports teams across the country are truly representative of that school’s population. It doesn’t matter how athletic you are, how fast or slow, how