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  • Johan Sundstein aka ‘N0tail’ is the top-ranking esports player of 2020, with $6.9 million in prize money to his name
  • The average age of a top-ranking esports player is 24 for male players and 27 for female
  • Popular streaming sites have experienced a 20% increase in the number of hours streamed in lockdown

Esports have accelerated into the mainstream in recent years, providing many avid gamers with the opportunity to turn their passion into a career. And with prize funds reaching the millions, being on top of your game certainly pays off. So, what does it take to make it big in esports and how has the industry evolved? Intel explored the ins and outs of the growing esports world.

The making of an esports star

  • The most top-ranking male players of 2020 are from China (26%), and the most top-ranking female players are from the USA (42%)
  • Physical health must also be a priority when training for esports, as well as in-game performance

As an avid gamer, what would it take to break into the esports industry and what exactly does an esports star look like today?

Based on the 100 top-ranking male and female esports players of 2020, the average age is 24 for male players and 27 for female. Some are even as young as 16, demonstrating that progression is very possible at a young age.

To climb the ranks, players must be committed to perfecting their game and putting in the