Tournament organiser DreamHack has established a partnership with Prize Payments to speed up the payouts of event prize winnings.

DreamHack is trialling the platform through its Community Clash series of events.

DreamHack Prize Payments
Credit: DreamHack

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After giving Prize Payments’ platform a pilot run, DreamHack states that Community Clash competitors were paid – on average – within 72 hours. A release claims that the tournament organiser will be able to scale its online event operations by integrating the platform into its process.

Han Park, CEO of Prize Payments, spoke on the partnership: “Partnering with DreamHack is an exciting opportunity for Prize Payments to show how we can streamline the payment process for tournament organizers and their winners to create a healthier ecosystem for players of all levels.

“We’re proud to be working with a top esports tournament organizer like DreamHack who are creating opportunities for amateurs and aspiring pro gamers. By getting players paid out faster, it gives them a positive experience competing and allows them to continue growing within the esports community.”

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Prize Payments launched last August with the intention of streamlining the payment process in esports, reducing time and costs for event organisers. The platform was first put to the test in January with Ubisoft’s Rainbow