Esports betting has been a hot topic since the global health pandemic first began earlier this year, with traditional bookmakers stepping into the sector for the first time to provide punters with alternatives to traditional markets.

At SBC Summit Barcelona – Digital, a panel of experts took to the virtual stage to discuss the future of esports betting in Europe. However, for esports to reach a standard in which it is recognised more than just a ‘niche’ market, the question of integrity was raised with regards to match-fixing, cheating and overall regulation of events, particularly those which are run by the operators themselves.

Pavol Krasnovky of RTSmunity highlighted that it’s dangerous for operators to be running tournaments without the proper regulation in place – especially when it comes to mitigating the risk of integrity being broken.

Krasnovky explained: “Some betting companies have started to organise tournaments and I think that it’s a great idea for gaining new punters. But on the other side from the esports professional perspective, it definitely harmed the market. Because these tournaments are not regulated and I think once they are not regulated, there is a huge potential for cheating and integrity issues.

“One of the very important points when you are responsible for managing risk on esports, which is our responsibility, is to be sure that you don’t cover the match which has troubles with cheating. Why? Because you lose a lot of money in this case.”