The latest report from Esports Charts shows that mobile esports were responsible for the three most-watched esports events of July, with viewing figures significantly beating the biggest PC and console events. 

The most-watched event worldwide was the Mobile Legends MPL Invitational 4 Nation Cup, a $100,000 tournament featuring teams from South East Asia. The tournament pulled in more than a million peak viewers on July 3, and no other tournament even came close to beating that number. 

If you have never heard of Mobile Legends before then you are not alone. In the western world the game is almost unheard of, but in Asia, specifically South-East Asian countries, it is incredibly popular, hence the crazy viewership numbers from last month. 

Also in the top five most popular tournaments for July were the PUBG Mobile World League East, which brought in 720,000 viewers to claim second place and the Arena of Valor Premier League, which brought in 670,000 to sit in third. These two mobile titles are significantly more popular in the West than Mobile Legends, but again the main audience for these games is in