The prospect of esports betting is as bright as it has ever been.

Competitive gaming at large has filled mainstream media roles, occupying centre stage during the pandemic’s screenplay. The same could be said for its betting precinct, which saw an ocean of operators, big and small, dock on esports’ shore. And now legislation surfacing in New Jersey may signal there’s more across the horizon.

The bi-partisan bill, A637, has been unofficially referred to as the ‘esports betting bill’ since it was initially sponsored by a trio of assemblymen in New Jersey. That bill has now advanced to the Senate where New Jersey lawmakers will have the final say on whether or not to include its constitution within the state’s legislature.

With the interest and awareness of esports betting growing globally, Esports Insider will weigh in on the bill’s significance in this edition of the ESI Gambling Report, presented by

Policy reform is coming

The New Jersey Assembly voted unanimously to pass a bill permanently including esports in the state’s legal sports betting industry last month.

A637 was introduced in January, and on July 31st, was approved in unanimous decision by the lower house. The legislation revises and expands the definition of certain sporting events, including esports, as it pertains to the Garden State’s sports betting regulations.

As proposed, the bill would deem esports a ‘sporting event’ in the eyes