There are many differences between betting on regular sports and esports, but one thing that tends to stick out the most is the sense of the immediate when it comes to betting on the latter. If, for example, you were to think about betting on LoL, you likely picture match-up between two teams and not the outright market for a tournament.

A similar mindset can be found among regular sports fans, but many take a long-term view of betting. Consider how easy it is to find outright odds for the Super Bowl. Sure, fans will bet on every game week, and live betting in-play is popular, but there is also a sense of excitement for fans when picking their picks for success at the start of the long season.

Outright betting on esports is available, of course, and that’s going to be the subject we deal with here. However, by and large, it’s not always easy to find outright betting markets for esports. Let’s put it this way: This website recommends several different esports betting partners, but how many of those offer odds for the LoL World Championship? One of the biggest events in esports and the highlight of the year for LoL fans, and it’s difficult to find outright betting markets. Now, if you took a regular sportsbook and couldn’t find odds for the Super Bowl or FIFA World Cup, you would judge it as a poor operator.

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