The PUBG Continental Series is kicking off next week and PUBG Esports went all out on event coverage. After almost half a year of lackluster competition, changes in format and general decline in interest, PUBG finally decided to give their esports scene another push into the spotlight. The game has seen better days however. Player decline, bots, cheaters, persistent bugs and competitors like Valorant and Warzone are chipping away at both the player numbers and the professional scene.

The new 7.3 patch comes a brand new refurbishment of the regional and main PUBG esports website and a dedicated Esports section within the client. The Continental Series are the one thing holding competitive play alive, and probably one of the few reasons people still tune in to PUBG lately.


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PUBG Continental Series Finals Overview

The Continental Series will feature two events termed PCS 1 and PCS 2, across all four competitive regions. The first iteration or PCS1 will be held between June 25 to July 5. The four regions are EU, NA, APAC and Asia.

Each region went through a qualification and a group stage beforehand, and we are left with 16 teams in each region or 64 teams in total. The prize pool of each regional tournament is $200,000 plus 25% of all PCS1 items sold during the event.


The European series is probably the second best in the world after Asia. Famous global esports teams like Team