As live sports slowly begins to resume this month, discussions have been raised over the long term future of the esports betting industry, which rose in prominence during the global health pandemic.

Marek Suchar is the Head of Sales at, a B2B esports odds feed and risk management provider. He spoke to SBC News about the future of the esports betting landscape, as well as  highlighting the lessons learnt by both traditional bookmakers and the competitive gaming sector. 

Suchar stated: “Esports betting belonged in the top five sports for operators that invested in it even before the crisis. The current situation provided a boost and put esports into the spotlight as nothing major is being played. It might help to attract some audience that otherwise did not pay much attention to esports. 

“Starting with millennials, next generations consume more and more content digitally, with gaming and esports being one of their first entertainment choices, with sports falling off. It would come only naturally that betting will become more and more part of it. There is no reason for esports to slow down, quite the opposite. 

“Outside of extinguishing the fire caused by the crisis, many of the operators had some time to sit down and re-thing long-term strategy. Once digitalisation and attracting a younger audience is in its centre, esports is a critical piece of puzzle you need to opt for. The harder part is not just having it, but building it as a solid