The King Pro League Spring Split Final concluded last week, but the event was overshadowed by reports that a second wave of COVID-19 has broken out in Beijing. 

Since June 11, Beijing has reported an increase of 137 new confirmed cases of COVID-19, and the Public Health Emergency Level has increased from 3 to 2, which forces all offline live events to be suspended once again. 

In February, the Beijing government announced that the city would host the “Esports Beijing 2020” series of events (it didn’t provide any specific dates at the time beyond August), including the 2020 Honor of Kings World Cup and the World Cyber Games, but the recent outbreak could affect that.

Among the top stories in China’s esports industry: China’s state-owned English television channel broadcast the King Pro League Spring Split Final on social media and its app; League of Legends Pro League (LPL) partnered with Chinese e-commerce company Suning; Tencent gave six CrossFire professionals one-year bans for match-fixing; and a Chinese court issued a $12M fine to a former DouYu streamer.

Chinese Network Broadcasts KPL Spring Split Final

Credit: TS/Tencent

China Global Television Network broadcast the final of King Pro League (KPL) Spring Split, the first time that a Chinese government-operated platform has streamed an esports tournament since 2003. The broadcast signals that esports has gained more acceptance from mainstream platforms.