• A question still remains whether to invest in the esports sector depends on the level of demand for the product in the market.
  • People who never expected this enormous growth of esports and who never considered esports as a means of the profitable business sector have changed their minds and have started to invest in it as they learned more about its potential.
  • Esports can also be a medium to lead other sectors in the entertainment industry as every unique sector should be understood and utilized correctly in order to get to the next level.

Esports is one of the most profitable sectors in the entertainment sector as Newzoo, a marketing intelligence firm, reported that the revenue of the industry soars past €930 million by the end of 2020. The esports industry is transforming itself to take up a new shape and continue to progress on the path set to maximize the potential of the industry.

The growth of esports industry in this century.

A wide array of stakeholders have started to enter the esports industry with their own platform to take advantage of the industry’s unexplored potential. They are getting into various sectors of the industry, such as esports betting and streaming services, to engage their users and increase their revenue.

The perspective of a major brand in the industry:

SBC news agency recently spoke to Betinvest’s