After a beta launch during League of Legends’ Spring Split season that saw more than 35,000 fans sign up, esports specific fantasy platform Esports One opened registration for all users Monday in time for LoL’s Summer Split on June 12.

“The incredible success we saw with our beta launch was real validation for what we knew was strong consumer demand for fantasy esports,” said Matt Gunnin, Esports One’s CEO and founder.

While traditional fantasy sports sites try and claim to give your insights and predictions on what will happen in a given game, Esports One’s platform utilizes more than 2.3 billion data points gathered from 10 years of historical League gameplay and nearly 100 million players, according to a release, captured by developers out of MIT and CalTech. The platform then combines that data with machine learning “to drive proprietary predictive insights that deliver 90% accuracy within 10 minutes of the start of each match.”

With all that data at their disposal, players can use