Sportsbetting markets are like the tide, they come in and out, but some currents get stronger, while others fade away. While the live sports markets have dried up, Esports betting markets have come alive, and there’s never been a better time to research the best way to improve your chances of cutting a profit in them. We’ve looked into exactly how you should approach the Esports betting markets and what you should be looking out for if you’re to press your edge.

Moneyline or Outrights

how-to-win-sportsbetting-on-esportsThis is the most popular way of betting on any Esport markets, whether the sport in question is virtual or physical in its nature. With a moneyline bet, you’ll be betting on which team or individual will win in their match. The ‘split’ is the difference between the two options, with a dead heat being -110 or so for each choice, meaning you’d win $100 if you wagered $110.

If you were to be betting on a less-even match-up, then the odds might be -175 for the favourite and +125 for the outsider, with the obvious imbalance between the odds paying out in kind for the teams or players in question. If you were to bet on the outsider, you’d only need to bet $100 to win $125 profit if they