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Esports betting operators can now minimize the risk of taking bets on matches with too many under-18 athletes with the help of a new service.

Kyle Giersdorf was only 16 years old when he won the Fortnite World Cup and Yu “JackeyLove” Wen-Bo 17 when his team Invictus won the League of Legends World Championship. The number of under-18 esports athletes is growing, making it increasingly important for betting operators to ensure compliance with regulation concerning the age of the athletes.

This made GameScorekeeper, a Danish company dedicated to providing solutions for esports betting, take a closer look at the challenge:

– In football, it’s relatively easy to pinpoint most under-18 teams. But in esports, many teams field a mix of under-18 and 18+ athletes which has made our clients increasingly interested in a service that makes the athletes’ age transparent and actionable, says founder and CEO of GameScorekeeper Felix Klastrup.

According to GameScorekeeper, two of the top five teams on the Counter-Strike world ranking have starting players under 18 and the number of under-18 players is likely to grow with the same speed as the esports industry.

Accordingly, Felix Klastrup’s company has developed a new product to make his clients’ lives easier:

– We have developed a new service that covers more than 95 percent of all CS:GO teams and their age majorities. Any operator can use the service to manually or automatically suspend bets with teams with a majority of players under