With live football in short supply across Europe due to the coronavirus pandemic, teams, players and fans have had to find new ways to take their mind off things.

The ‘Toilet Roll challenge’ has dominated social media over the past few days (the task being to do as many kick ups possible with, as you might imagine, a roll of toilet paper) while some footballers have found other creative ways to pass the time and entertain the masses.

But perhaps the most high-profile distraction stemmed from the first full weekend without football, and League Two club Leyton Orient.

After simulating their initially scheduled game against Bradford City on Football Manager 2020 with the help of their Twitter followers, the East London club turned to another popular video game.

Leyton Orient invited 63 other clubs to take part in a FIFA 20 tournament named Ultimate QuaranTeam, obviously restricted to teams in the game. Spots were quickly filled, which resulted in Leyton Orient expanding the tournament to 128 teams, involving sides from around the world.

The 128 teams went into the hat and 64 matches were drawn live on Leyton Orient’s Twitter account.