League of Legends Odds Picks: Saturday March 21st

I double dog dare you…

The bloodbath of a week continued with two underdogs not just covering but winning outright. Cue the DMX dog bark drop! Vici managed to sweep the -654 favorites Royal Never Give Up 2-0 and Edward Gaming defeated the -369 favorites JD Gaming 2-1. At least LNG came through for us. The LPL has been an absolutely wild league this season. If you were to bet the underdog spread for the same amount in every single match this season you’d actually be in the green.

Friday’s Record: 1-2 (LPL), 2-1 (LEC)

Saturday’s in professional LOL are a lot like college football. You have action from 2am until 9pm, all day long. Tomorrow we have action in three of the four major regions, China (LPL), Europe (LEC), and North America (LCS). Europe started back up with their first day of remote play and if it’s any indication of what the first few of these will be like, be prepared for a long day with a lot of technical issues. Hopefully that gets sorted out as they get better at this.

Onto the slate!

** indicates a selection I like a lot

LOL Pro League (China) – Saturday March 21st

Dominus eSports vs Oh My God! (OMG) (Start